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What is the electric unicycle

Release time:2016-12-27

As a recreational sport for electric unicycle commuter use or at the weekend. Gyro sensor control balance, 1000 Watt motor drive, can get good power. Internal through program control, speed limit in 16km/h, in ensuring safety while taking into account the speed.
After the user put the feet on the folding pedal on both sides of the wheel, gently forward the body forward, backward tilt is slow, the left and right tilt the body is turning. The faster the body tilts forward, the faster it is, and the series of wheels in the car ensure that it balances well.
Electric unicycle is energy saving and environmental protection, a new generation of portable vehicle. 2 hour charge, can travel 25km, short distance travel is very convenient, can replace the bus and subway. Electric wheelbarrow shape size and portability, the lightest one only 10kg, can be directly put into the trunk of the car, referred to the home or office.

In the increasingly serious environmental pollution under the background of electric unicycle as a new environmentally friendly means of transport, should be popularized in order to ease the resource consumption and air pollution.

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