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Characteristics of electric balance vehicle

Release time:2016-12-27

Electric balance car, also known as somatosensory car, thinking car, take a car, etc.. On the market are mainly two types of single wheel and double wheel. Its operation principle is mainly based on a known as "dynamic stability" (Dynamic Stabilization) the basic principle, the use of gyroscopes and accelerometers to detect changes of the body, body posture, and the use of servo control system, accurate driving motor for the corresponding adjustment, in order to maintain the balance of the system. Is a modern product used as a new type of green transport, leisure and entertainment.
With the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, the number of electric vehicles growing. At the same time, scientists through painstaking research, and finally developed a new two wheeled electric balance car. The utility model relates to a two wheel electric balance vehicle, which is a new type of vehicle, which is different from the front and rear alignment modes of electric bicycles and motorcycles. Balancing two wheeled electric car with two wheels, battery powered, brushless motor drive, coupled with the MCU control, attitude sensor acquisition of angular velocity and angle signal, cooperate to control the balance of the body, the body only depend on the change of center of gravity can start, acceleration, deceleration, stop vehicle.
Two wheeled self balancing electric vehicle in the design mainly has the following characteristics:
Green environmental protection. Electric vehicle battery powered, completely pollution-free environment, absolutely green, and can be repeatedly charged. Moreover, the motor has high operating efficiency and low noise efficiency, thus reducing noise pollution and saving energy.
Turning radius is small, nearly 0. This is very suitable for small space use. For example, large shopping malls, trail, talent market, shop etc..
No brake system, composed of a gyroscope angular velocity detection signal, detection angle signal of the accelerometer, and then fused to get the precise angle of balancing two wheeled electric car signal, finally transmitted to the microcontroller, PWM MCU control module for motor balancing two wheeled electric car reversing. The utility model not only avoids the energy waste, but also avoids the abrasion of the brake pads. The traditional car may also occur when the brakes, this need not worry completely in balancing two wheeled electric car.

The utility model has the advantages of convenient control, and the forward retreat and the running speed of the two wheel electric balance vehicle can be changed only through the front and back tilt of the body.

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