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The introduction of electric scooter

Release time:2016-12-27

electric scooter is a new product form following the traditional slide again after a skateboarding. Electric scooter is energy saving, fast charging and long range capability. Vehicle styling beautiful, easy to operate, driving safer. For friends who like life is definitely a very suitable choice for life to add more fun.
Appearance is very stylish, very small, can be folded, is to take the bus no problem, if in the vicinity of the home shopping or go out to play is a very good small leisure vehicles, mostly carrying is very convenient. Good performance of electric scooter.
Electric scooter features:
Skateboard has anti cracking, anti deformation, high cold resistant, very wear-resistant and other characteristics, to strengthen the aluminum alloy stent and base, not easy to break, skateboarding surface printed with colorful patterns. Reliable slide body twist and push forward, do not need foot slip, can do all kinds of fancy moves, with the twisting motion, and can achieve the obvious slimming effect, can enhance the ability to balance personal entertainment fitness activities.
The daily life and the users of lead-acid battery used for electric scooter maintenance has a great relationship, in general should pay attention to the following points:
1, develop with the use of the habit of filling, so that the battery often keep enough electricity state.
2, according to the itinerary decided to charge the length of time, control in 4 - 12 hours, not long charge.
3, the battery placed for a long time, the need for adequate electricity, add once a month.
4, at the start, when the wind and uphill with pedals to help.

5, when charging with matching charger, placed in a cool ventilated place, avoid high temperature and humidity, do not let water into the charger, prevent electric shock accident.

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