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10inch fashion design motion sensor self balance scooter

sport & entertainment

I9-10inch hoverboard
Range per charge 20km
Max Speed 10km/h
Max climbing angle 15°
Max Load 120kg
Net Weight 13kg
Charging Temperature 0°-60°
Motor Type Hub Motor
Motor power 36v350w
Battery Lithium battery
bBattery capacity 4.4AH
Charging time 3-5h
Charging protection Yes
Tire Size  10inch
Tread width  190mm
Chassis height 60mm
Board size 710*270*260mm
Carton size 775*345*350mm

Eectric self balance scooter driving precautions
Now many people are in love with a cool personality of transportation, that is the balance of electric vehicle, the intelligent transportation is relatively high, with our usual electric vehicles compared to not only the body more petite, the function is more complete, we can use it for the parallel shooting, can also use its own sound. But the vehicle began to buy after we need to practise.
After the purchase of electric car balance we recommend that you do not on the road, it is best to have the assistant accompany us in the open space to practice our mode of operation, in accordance with the method of the teacher's manual driving skilled operation several times, and keep all kinds of attention, so we re normal driving.
If we want to drive the balance of electric vehicles on the road, we need to determine the various parts transportation is strong, after we look at the weather outside if it's raining the sky is slippery, we do not recommend driving trip, when we travel the most normal weather is good with a safety helmet to protect our security.

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