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2 wheel standing self balance electric scooter

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             I15- 6.5 Inch Electric scooter  


Range per charge(km)   20
Max Speed (km/h) 10
Max climbing angle   15°
Max Load  (kg) 120
Net Weight (kg)   10.7
Charging Power 90-240V
Charging Temperature 0-60
Motor Type Hub Motor
Motor Power 36V350W
Battery  Lithium battery
Battery Capacity 4.4AH
Charge Time 3-5H
Charging Protection  Yes
Tire Size 6.5inch
Tread Width 230mm
Chassis Height 35mm
Board Size 590*230*180mm
Carton Size  655*250*260mm

Electric self balancing vehicle operation principle is mainly based on a kind of dynamic stability (DynamicStabilization), which is the basic principle, that is, the vehicle itself. With the built-in precision solid-state gyroscope (Solid-StateGyroscopes) to determine the posture of the body in which the state, through sophisticated and high-speed central microprocessor to calculate the appropriate instruction, the drive motor to achieve balanced results.
Matters needing attention
Before driving the electric balance car, you need to check whether the components of the intelligent balance car is firmly installed, no damage.
Need to find a more open and flat ground for driving practice.
Full understanding of the driving environment is required to ensure that there is no interference from cars, pedestrians, pets, bicycles and other obstacles.
A skilled assistant is required; the assistant should be able to skillfully operate the electric balance car and be familiar with all the precautions and driving methods in the driver's manual.
Can't run on a smooth, wet ground.
Need to wear a safety helmet and protective clothing to avoid possible damage.
Twist the height adjustment knob on the control lever to adjust the direction of the lever to the height of the fit you feel to ensure that you can comfortably hold the handle.

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