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6.5 inch Cool  Two Wheel Electric Scooter With  Bluetooth Speaker And  LED lights

6.5 inch Cool  Two Wheel Electric Scooter With  Bluetooth Speaker And  LED lights

adults and child over 13 years old

Products Name 

6.5 inch Cool Two Wheel electric scooter With  Bluetooth Speaker and  LED lights 


Product Color 

Basic Color :Red white Blue Black  Blue Flame  Camouflage

.Special Color :Chrome Blue   Chrome Pink   Chrome Purple 

.Customized Color :Yes support 


Products parameters 


Net weight 9.5 kgs
Gross Weight 

12 kgs

Motor power 300W*2
Max Speed 10 KM/H
Max loading  120 kgs
Battery  4.4 Ah battery
Board Size  59cm*19cm* 18cm
Charger Time 2-4 hours
Packing Size 67cm*26cm*25cm


 Tips of  how to play our scooter hoverboard


Step 1:How to move forward or backward. The riders can just let the body leans slightly forward or backward.

Step 2: How to make turns.When the left foot moves forward, the scooter will turn right, when the right foot moves forward, the scooter will turn left.

Step 3: How to make it stop.Stand straight and you will stop moving.

As the picture  shows:



 China Best Price Electric Scooter For Sale With Led Stripe Lights CE Certificated


Packaging Include

1. Self balancing scooter * 1

2. User Manual * 1

3. Charger * 1

4. Remote control * 1 (Optional, need to pay extra)

5. Scooter handbag * 1 (Optional, need to pay extra)

Contact  :
ADDRESS:Wang Shan Tou Industrial Area,Wuyi,Zhejiang
Wuyi Chuangxin Metal Tools Co.,Ltd

ON:Top grade two wheels self-balancing scooter plastic handle bag

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