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Chuangxin Two Wheels Self-Balancing Hover board

Sport & entertainment

I9-10inch hoverboard
Range per charge 20km
Max Speed 10km/h
Max climbing angle 15°
Max Load 120kg
Net Weight 13kg
Charging Temperature 0°-60°
Motor Type Hub Motor
Motor power 36v350w
Battery Lithium battery
bBattery capacity 4.4AH
Charging time 3-5h
Charging protection Yes
Tire Size  10inch
Tread width  190mm
Chassis height 60mm
Board size 710*270*260mm
Carton size 775*345*350mm

Electric balancing car attention to drive
1) the driver must read carefully before use and comply with the requirements of this manual, and receive appropriate training and guidance;
2) please wear license certified helmets, knee pads, gloves and other protective equipment, please wear flat shoes;
3) do not carry passengers, drink or use doping after driving;
4) the driver's total weight must be between 35kg-100 kg.
5) the ride must be slow to accelerate from 0 to a maximum speed of not less than 6 seconds;
6) do not shake the balance of the car before and after the site for more than 30 seconds, so as to avoid the rapid increase in the temperature of the machine is shut down protection;
7) when the driver is close to the maximum allowable speed, the balance of the car will take the initiative to handle the driver tilt, warns the driver to stop the acceleration, and the buzzer alarm will sound, this time the driver then forcibly pressure will cause a dangerous situation;
8) do not allow high-speed driving back;
9) in the case of high speed is prohibited to turn sharply, so as to avoid danger;
10) please do not run on steep slopes, do not cross the slope on the road or turn, which will lead to the vehicle's balance angle deviation, driving safety;
11) need to get off before the vehicle is stationary, balance on one foot first, another foot quickly left foot, and handlebar;
12) avoid obstacles and smooth driving on the ground;
13) from the anti-theft system up to 1.5 meters, the user to get off and walk through anti-theft system, remain closed in standby or power car;
14) shall not disassemble the battery.

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