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H1 model of wireless remote control electric skateboard

    Single motor  electric skateboard 
 Product  Weight 4kg around
Product     Size 69*19.5*11.5cm
Max      Load 100kg
Motor Power 100W
Motor Rotation Speed 2500 round rpm
Max Mileage 20 km/10 km
Max Speed 18 km/h
Climbing capacity 18 degrees
Working temperature Forty degrees below zero to seventy degree above freezing   (-40-70)
Battery 4.4Ah/24V/106W 18650 lithium battery   2Ah/36V/350W   lithium battery
Charging time 2-3hours
Charging temperature 0-45
Charger 90-240V   50-60HZ
Overcharge protection  Yes
Body material wood+plastic
Body height 11.5cm
Chassis height 6cm
Tire type PU solid tire
Tire size 8cm
Package size 70*24*17cm
Net weight 4kg around
Package content electric skateboard, charger,remote control(2.4G frequency)

electric skateboard is a skateboard with electric drive system and gravity induction system. Electric skateboard first appeared in 1990s, but they are always asking users at the same time collocation of additional components from the handheld accelerator sensor array based on Microsoft Kinect, people always can't find the traditional surface feeling.
With the rapid progress of the technology and development, until the early twenty-first Century, was born in the true sense of the electric skateboard, is becoming one of the disruptive vehicles. Slide technique
In the foot, dangerous in the body. The friends from the playing board board, more not to fall. Especially for beginners, the board is still very strange, it is difficult to control the center of gravity, a little attention will hurt others in, the following points need special attention:
If you are a beginner, on board before, please take a look at the basic movements. The video data were to have a heart in the bottom, in the end what I focus, foot position or on the board. Here, such as a fly without head, not to hurt the strange fall.
Two beginner generally fall is the center of gravity is not stable, if the center of gravity when gliding, simply with the center of gravity, the foot pressure plate or the end of the plate, so that the end of the board or the end of the plate to the ground to stop
Three if the technical movement such as flight and landing, and the fall has been difficult to avoid, as far as possible if body body neck tension, extending upwards from the ground. Remember the physical formula, P=F/S, when the body falls a moment that has been ground contact area is large, the P will bear less well, because you must G. So, remember to fall when the hand do not use body ah what to what position to support and back then a loud snap may fracture.
Four proposed to play in it, with the best protective gear. Especially beginners, don't bother.   

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