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H2 model of wireless remote control electric skateboard


    Dual motors  electric skateboard 
 Product  Weight 7.8kg around
Product     Size 102*25*12.5cm
Max      Load 100kg
Motor Power 200W*2
Motor Rotation Speed 2500 round rpm
Max Mileage 20 km/10 km
Max Speed 35 km/h
Climbing capacity 18 degrees
Working temperature Forty degrees below zero to seventy degree above freezing   (-40-70)
Battery 4.4Ah/24V/106W 18650 lithium battery   2Ah/36V/350W   lithium battery
Charging time 3-5 hours
Charging temperature 0-45
Charger 90-240V   50-60HZ
Overcharge protection  Yes
Body material wood+plastic
Body height 12.5cm
Chassis height 6cm
Tire type PU solid tire
Tire size 9cm
Package size 105*31*14cm
Net weight 8kg around
Package content electric skateboard, charger,remote control(2.4G frequency)

Skateboard project is the earliest history of extreme sports, extreme sports are a number of projects extending from skateboarding to. From the end of the 60s to the early of the 1950s by the evolution of surfing skateboarding, has now become the world's most cool campaign. Skateboarding techniques include: The AerialL (on the slider), The Invert (on the U platform), The Ollie (take off the board), these techniques can be said to be the most important addition to the flip plate movements. Two important international organizations in the world: International skateboard skateboard Association (full name: INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SKATEBOARD COMPANIES, referred to as: IASC) and the world cup skateboarding (full name: WORLD CUP SKATEBOARDING: WCS).
Security matters
1 adjust the wheel to make it run smoothly before use.
2 according to the use of their own use of locking nut to adjust the flexibility of cushion.
3 regularly bearing oiling, increase bearing lubrication, reduce the sliding resistance.
4 beginners with the help of friends and relatives, in the slope angle of the small slope of the slide, with the improvement of the technical level, gradually change the different slope.
5 do not slide on wet or rough road, when you want to jump off the skateboard, to see if you can hit people or other objects around.
6 if you need to change parts, and its original parts should be replaced with the same specifications.

ON:H1 model of wireless remote control electric skateboard


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