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max load  120kg
carton size 60*20.5*47cm
suitable size  6.5inch/8inch/10inch
safety device NO

kart size

the longest position:89cm

the shortest position: 38cm

the length of the pedal :37cm

the length of handle: 53cm

universal wheel  :4inch

The instructions of kart and necessary use tools in the package, please follow the schematic diagram. Then fix the kart on the balance car with a bandage .Use the kart to release your feet!
●Please make sure to use Self Balancing scooter in good conditions and carefully read and know well all users materials provided by our company before using the product.
●When you are driving Self Balancing scooter, make sure to take all the safety measures, such as: wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and other protective gear.
●Ensure the speed stays within the safety range.
●Do not be distracted when driving Self Balancing scooter, such as talking on the phone, listening to music, or engaging in any other activities.
●Do not drive on slippery roads or on rainy days, reverse turning while at high-speeds or long range high-speeds.
●Avoid driving in unsafe places, including flammable gas, steam, liquid, dust, fiber which could cause fire or an explosion accident.
●Can choose to add bluetooth APP, acoustics or LED 

ON:H2 model of wireless remote control electric skateboard


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