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Smart balance scooter with top light and light wheel

sport & entertainment

             I1 6.5 Inch Electric scooter  
Range per charge(km)   20
Max Speed (km/h) 10
Max climbing angle   15°
Max Load  (kg) 120
Net Weight (kg)   10
Charging Power 90-240V
Charging Temperature 0-60
Motor Type Hub Motor
Motor Power 36V350W
Battery  Lithium battery
Battery Capacity 4.3AH
Charge Time 3-5H
Charging Protection  Yes
Tire Size 6.5inch
Tread Width 190mm
Chassis Height 35mm
Board Size 590*190*180mm
Carton Size  655*250*260mm
Certificate  UL2272

Use your body control the scooter and feel it move follow you! 

Similar to the body's own balance system, when the body center of gravity forward, the scooter will  move forward. when the center of gravity tilt or back ,it is also follow your move. 

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