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Supply smart 2 wheel electric scooter self balancing

   I6 -10 Inch Electric Scooter  
Range per charge(km)   20
Max Speed (km/h) 15
Max climbing angle   15°
Max Load  (kg) 120
Net Weight (kg)   13
Charging Power 90-240V
Charging Temperature 0-60
Motor Type Hub Motor
Motor Power 36V350W
Battery  Lithium battery
Battery Capacity 4.3AH
Charge Time 3-5H
Tire Size 10inch
Tread Width 190mm
Chassis Height 60mm
Board Size 665*280*256mm
Carton Size  775*345*350mm
Certificate  UL2272,CE,RoHS,FCC,ISO9001,BSCI,UN38.3
Balance the safe use of the car
First of all, the balance of the car is not on the lanes, because the balance of the car is self balancing series, through the body balance control car forward backward, so when there is an emergency situation, human instinct will affect the control of the balance of the car so small in here is not to promote the balance of the car on the driveway. But you can use the bicycle lanes and sidewalks.
Secondly, when friends in unfamiliar areas or when far needs riding road, need to take professional protective clothing because of the unfamiliar road and ride a long time, there will be many unexpected events, this time equipment plays a key role, to protect the safety of everyone.
In addition, the balance of the car will have a certain degree of water resistance, but most of the water resistance is limited to life waterproof. Therefore, in the heavy rain does not recommend the use of balance car. If special circumstances, must be used to balance the car, wearing a long raincoat, umbrella is not recommended oh.
In addition, there are a lot of people in the use of the balance of the car in the process of playing down the phone, this situation is not advocated, it is best not to use mobile phones in the balance of the car. Bow to play the phone will affect everyone to observe the road situation, the transfer of attention, so when there is a sudden situation can not be handled in a timely manner.
I believe there are a lot of people have been driving on the road, but please pay attention to traffic signs of every hue symbol on the road, it is with white paint, looking at is as smooth and pavement, but it is higher than the road, so when you encounter this situation, need to be careful.
Riding safety, the balance of the car into the world you will find all kinds of fancy and his show is not important, safe travel, green travel is the most important, and the secret of happy travel is safety first oh!

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